South Africa: Milestone for biofuels as pricing rules issued

  THE Department of Energy has finally published the long-awaited draft position paper on the pricing regulations and rules for administering biofuel prices for comment, the final step in the process in getting the potentially R15bn-a-year South African biofuels industry Levy on petrol price will help to spur ailing sorghum farming industry which has seen…Read more South Africa: Milestone for biofuels as pricing rules issued


At DalinYebo we are well experienced to connect the many "dots" of the value chains that every successful bio-based business needs: ->Biomass Valorisation: Field -> Processing -> Market ->Commercialise Knowhow: R&D -> Technology Development -> Commercialisation In addition, we know what it takes to get solutions financed and are determined to contribute towards achieving the…Read more Connecting-the-Dots™


"4 Platforms: Sugarcane/Sorghum, Ag.-Residues, Cellulosic/Pulp and Bio-digestion" Introduction Most biorefineries define "the purpose of pretreatment is to destroy the structure of cellulosic biomass plant cell walls and make cellulose more accessible to the subsequent process"[1]. A variety of schemes have been developed, but none of them specifically targets the recovery of the hemicelluose (and the…Read more Paid4PreTreatment™

Furfural production in modern lignocellulose-feedstock biorefineries

Gianluca Marcotullio  @ UNECE/FAO Workshop St. Petersburg, May 2013 Click here to go to the presentation Download PDF of Presentation Gianluca Marcotullio UNECE/FAO Workshop St. Petersburg – 22-24/05/2013 Index & Links A network of knowledge for Furfural technology Biorefinery Lignocellulosic biorefineries Furfural Important dates Furfural what for? MOST PROMISING APPLICATIONS Biorefineries based on Furfural production Present-day Continue ☛

Introducing: µ-BioRefinery™ byDalinYebo

DalinYebo's µ-BioRefinery™ makes use of simple, fit-for-purpose processing equipment that is installed close to the biomass source to produce bio-renewable chemicals and biobased electricity. µ-BioRefinery™ is based on a smart down-scaling and integration of proven existing technologies (and their mass and energy balance). It will bring benefit to: Sugarcane (incl. sweet stem sorghum) farmers ..…Read more Introducing: µ-BioRefinery™ byDalinYebo