Demo µ-BioRefinery™ Design

µ-BioRefinery™ Demo (DalinYebo)

µ-BioRefinery™ Demo (DalinYebo)

Bringing biorefining closer to the biomass requires robust and simple plants. Our demo plant design is based on known and proven process technologies (from the sugar, pulp & paper and chemicals industries), which are integrated in a smart and energy efficient way so as to optimise the use of the available biomass to produce fuels and chemicals in rural areas.

Next Generation Biorefining.

Ideally, we would like to demonstrate the µ-BioRefinery™ with sweet sorghum feedstock. We have tested and identified varieties that are ideal as feedstock for a biorefinery with integrated ethanol and  furfural production! However, the µ-BioRefinery™ design can be adopted to sugarcane, sugarcane bagasse (incl. trash), wood residues or agricultural residues, such as corncobs. Although our process desing may look similar to conventional processes, our aproach is simple and differs from conventional 2nd generation biorefineries, especially in the pre-treatment stage:

  • we use equipment that can handle any of the above mentioned biomass.
  • we use ‘old’ (proven) technologies in a modern way.
  • we condition (detoxify) the biomass by removing the C5-molecules.