Sweet Sorghum Complementing Ethanol Production in Sugar Mills


Feedstock such as sweet sorghum requires minimum water, fertilizers, and pesticides. (Image: altenergymag.com)

To help the Indian government achieve the national ethanol blending targets of 20% by 2017, private sugar mills and the public sector research institutes are collaborating with ICRISAT to identify and test sweet sorghum varieties suitable for ethanol production. A total of seven sugar mills are associated with ICRISAT in this 3-year project.

Editor’s comment: In South Africa, DalinYebo Trading and Development (Pty) Ltd, in collaboration with the University of KwaZulu-Natal, have identified sweet sorghum varieties with a high pentosan content, so as to use the bagasse for the co-production of furfural, a high value chemical.

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Newly discovered wild sorghum variety has tremendous potential for cellulosic ethanol


Sweet Sorghum (Image: forum-eurasica.ru)

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls at the University of Adelaide have discovered that a variety of sorghum growing wild in Australia, Arun, has the potential to yield over 10,000 litres of bioethanol per hectare annually.

Source: International Sugar Journal

South Africa: Milestone for biofuels as pricing rules issued

Grain Sorghum

Grain Sorghum


THE Department of Energy has finally published the long-awaited draft position paper on the pricing regulations and rules for administering biofuel prices for comment, the final step in the process in getting the potentially R15bn-a-year South African biofuels industry

Levy on petrol price will help to spur ailing sorghum farming industry which has seen production volumes collapse from roughly 900,000 tonnes a year to 150,000 tonnes

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